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Shader Control

✓ Remove unwanted shaders & keywords
✓ Reduce build time & app size

Shader Control is a powerful editor extension that gives you full control of shader compilation and keywords usage and their impact in your game.

*** Features ***

• New! ‘Build View’: lists all shaders (including Unity internal shaders) and their keywords. Allows you to exclude any number of shaders and/or keywords from the build process with a single click.
• ‘Project View’: the convenient unified view for all shaders with source code in your project.
• List shaders and materials in your project using keywords along with shader variant count.
• Quickly locate or open any shader in your project.
• Disable/enable any number of keywords per shader with a click. Shader Control can modify the existing shader automatically for you!
• Convert global keyword to local keyword with a click from the Keywords view (local keywords don’t count for the 256 keyword limit).
• Shows the relationship between keywords, shaders, and materials.
• Removes materials references to disabled keywords at the project level.
• Supports all CG/HLSL shader types.
• Supports Shader Graph shaders.
• Supports single and multi-pass shaders.
• Supports all keyword types.
• Supports global and local keywords.