Sewer Underground Modular Pack v4.0

Download Sewer Underground Modular Pack v4.0 FREE Unity

The Sewer/Underground standard Pack could be a modular pack of various sub-modules that can be used for building an underground or transition style of levels for FPS/3rd Person Action or Horror games!

=> value-added HDRP six.9+ support (Please browse the couple HDRP notes below !)

It contains:

* six subsets with a totally different look
* one set of common standard elements
* one set of standard walking platforms
* two sets of Pipes
* one set of Props
* Cracks and uncleanness decals

* Post process Stack v2.0 – (Standard Pipeline only) A bunch of post-process assets to be used with the “Post process Stack v2.0”, are provided!
* PBR setup victimisation Metal-Smoothness workflow. several of the objects are victimisation custom painted textures whereas others are using common materials like bricks and concrete.
* All textures – 2048 x 2048
* There are some common materials like:
– bricks
– concrete
– ground tiles
– wall tiles

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