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Set of Cartoon Tanks

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8 distinctive 3D models of tanks within the cartoon vogue and sixteen animations for them. there’s conjointly a model of a battle tower and a bunker.

In addition, as associate example, the project has scripts to regulate units. Tanks will move to direct the cannon and shoot, below the management of the player or standalone.

| options |
– Eight unique models of tanks on the topic of WW2.
– 3D models of battle tower and bunker, trees and antitank blocks.
– additional a brand new unit craft BF-109 from the longer-term set “Set of Cartoon Aircraft”
– additional new unit “Ship” from the longer-term set “Set of Cartoon Ships”
– additional a brand new texture set.
– The demo scene which has scripts, sound and game effects.
– for every unit a collection of three textures.
– Materials and textures are 2 sorts of PBR 2048×2048 and Mobile / Bumped mirrorlike 1024×1024.
– 1200 – 1700 tris smart for the performance of your games