Sensor Toolkit

Download Sensor Toolkit Free Unity. 

Sensor Toolkit is a collection of 2D and 3D sensor components that can be placed on your game objects and easily integrated with your scripts or PlayMaker actions. It’s a convenient abstraction on top of Unity’s basic sensing functionality, such as ray casts or trigger colliders, but with many advantages. It’s lightweight, has advanced features and is applicable to a broad range of problems.

Who is this for:
Everyone! Non-programmers will love Sensor Toolkit because it lets them create sensing behavior visually and without coding. Programmers will love Sensor Toolkit because it reduces boilerplate and has advanced features and debugging views. You will develop game behavior quickly and you will keep your scripts lean and neat. Sensor Toolkit makes no assumptions about your game and can be easily integrated into an existing project.

• Ray casting sensors, trigger collider sensors and spherical sensors.
• A tool for building parametric field of view cones.
• Steering sensors and steering behavior for characters and spaceships.
• Detect individual colliders or rigid bodies composed of multiple colliders.
• Many filtering options for fine tuning what sensors can detect.
• Advanced line of sight implementation that can calculate partial visibility.
• Easy integration with C# scripts and PlayMaker actions.
• No garbage generated.
• Lots of examples to follow.

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