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Semantic Color Palette

A semantic color management system for Unity: organize your colors in meaningful palettes and assign them to all kind of “colorable” components. No more updating color values in multiple places!

This package provides a semantic color management system for Unity.

The best way to get a glimpse of the system in action is trying the online demo, but the videos work too!

So, what is semantic color management?

Basically, you define a set of meaningful identifiers for colors, representing where/how each color is used (e.g. “buttonBackground”), and not the colors themselves (e.g. “darkBrown”).

Then, elsewhere, you map each idenfier to an actual color value.

The elements where colors are to be applied never directly refer to actual, specific colors, but only to semantic color ids.

This decoupling allows to quickly and flawlessly change colors to multiple elements in a centralized way, and to easily implement some form of “color skinning” by applying different id -> color mappings.

How does this system work in practice?