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Selection Utility

Download Selection Utility Free Unity. 

The Selection Utility is a lightweight Unity tool that facilitates selecting GameObjects in the Scene view by displaying a context menu with all objects currently under the mouse cursor as a popup list.

• Works with 2D, 3D, and UI objects
• Scrollable list
• Does not interfere with regular scene controls (camera pan, zoom, etc)
• Respects Unity’s builtin selection features (e.g. locked layers)
• Search by name or component type
• Component icons to identify objects easily
• Prefabs are indicated in blue
• Supports large scenes and many entries in the list
• Looks good in Unity’s light and dark skin
• Source code included

User Preferences
• Hide icons by their type (e.g. Transform)
• Global enabled flag
• Click dead zone (e.g. touchpad & accessibility)
• Search field toggle

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