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Secret Labs (HDRP)

Download Secret Labs (HDRP) FREE Unity. 

Bring your high-tech government labs and underground scientific worlds to life with this kit’s vacuum-sealed chambers, particle colliders, computers, servers, operation tables, x-ray machines, cryo chambers, robotic assembly lines, and dozens and dozens of more pieces of equipment than ordinary civilians shouldn’t get their hands on. You can create harmless data warehouses, evil cloning farms, black hole generation labs, and everything in between with this kit’s endless potential for creativity.

Designed by Fabio Fernandes, modeled by Sebastian Bielecki, and texturing by Alexey HrDesign, with cover art by Pablo Dominguez.

Proceed with creativity! You are about to purchase a 3D asset kit that includes elements to set the scene as you build your world, whether it’s for video games, film, television, design, or art. These completely customizable assets will serve as the building blocks to help you create an original environment.

-194 Assets
-341 Meshes
-44 PBR Materials
-151 Textures
-4096×4096 Texture Maps
-4.8m Polys

– Works in Unity 2019.3.13 and above.
– This version requires HDRP in order for this product to work correctly. Visit the Unity blog to learn more about HDRP.
– HDRP/Built-In versions are freely upgradeable to Unity customers.