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ScriptableObject Database

Easily create database for ScriptableObjects in only a few seconds. Organize your ScriptableObject data into database files for convenience. No coding required just use the Database Type Creator to quickly and easily set up a database for any ScriptableObject type. Use custom inspectors and property drawers? No problem, the Data displayed uses Unitys built in inspector and automatically uses any custom Inspectors and drawers you have set up for the data.

Object Database Editor Window Features

-Switch between different Database Types

-Enable/Disable different Types when many different Database Types clutter your view.

-Select, Create, and Delete Databases and ScriptableObjects

-Create any Sub classes of a ScriptableObjects Type with 2 button clicks.

-Rearrange the order of assets in the list.

-View and modify any Serializable data the ScriptableObjects contain right in the editor window.

-Support for all custom inspectors and property drawers by default

-Drag and drop compatible Objects into the asset list for quickly adding an existing Object

-Import external objects into the database as a Copy, or keep the data external and store a reference

-Duplicate Objects and add them to the database

Database Type Creator Features