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Script Inspector 3

Script Inspector three was a competition within the 2015 Unity Awards!

Si3 is a sophisticated IDE (a Code Editor) for scripts, shaders, and text assets, seamlessly integrated within the Unity Editor. Si3 comes with context-sensitive auto-completion for C# scripts and a fashionable set of extra tools, key bindings and mouse handling.

Si3 can blow your mind – it’s that fast!!!

Script Inspector 3 options a custom created advanced C# parsing and code analysis engine! due to its novel approach to code analysis (a hybrid of .Net’s Reflection and progressive syntactical and linguistics analysis techniques) Si3 will simply outstrip the other IDE (yes, as well as Visual Studio!)… Files open instantly! Code changes are mirrored instantly in its internal knowledge structures, within the take apart tree, and within the sort model with image tables. Changes are then instantly mirrored back to any or all your scripts…

You will fancy Unity as ne’er before!