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Script Builder: Type Safe access scripts

Download Script Builder: Type Safe access scripts FREE Unity. 

Automatically creates and updates type safe access scripts for tags, layers, scenes, and animator controllers (Included builders). With the intuitive and powerful GUI you can generate a simple or complex script in a few seconds. Automatically build complete scripts or repetitive boiler plate code. It is like having another programmer on your team.

This AiUnity flagship product is frequently downloaded, but could use more ratings. Please consider adding your rating to help build the AiUnity community. All AiUnity products are five-star rated.

Verified on Unity 2017.1 and 2018.1

* Create type safe access scripts for tags, layers, scenes, and animator controllers.
* Included builders can analyze scene and create many time consuming scripts.
* Intuitive APIs to create custom builders.
* Builders can monitor the environment and automatically regenerate scripts.
* Advanced GUI for creating scripts.
* Supported on all platforms.

ScriptBuilder automatically generates C# scripts based upon a supplied or custom builder script. Make a custom builder that creates multiple ideal starting scripts or use it to generate a commonly used complex script. Alternatively use an existing builder like AnimatorBuilder (Tutorial), which probes the internal Unity Animator system to generate an Animator access script. This generated script will provide strongly typed access to your animator controller layers, states, parameters, and hash Ids using corresponding names (i.e. IsIdleState(), SetSpeed(), and UpperBodyLayer.​CurrentStateName()).

TagAccessBuilder creates a script that provides type safe access to the Unity Tags, and is compatible with AiUnity MultipleTags (Enables multiple tags on a gameObject). The SkeletonBuilder creates a basic starting script and is easily altered to add boiler plate code like a custom logger (i.e. AiUnity logger NLog). Other supplied builders include ExampleBuilder, SceneAccessBuilder and LayerAccessBuilder.

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