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Scratch Card

Download Scratch Card FREE Unity. 

Easy-to-use asset, which allows you to create scratch cards!
All you need to do is drag & drop a prefab and set a scratch card sprite. Your scratch card is ready! ?
Unity 5, 2017-2021 supported.

Try the WebGL Demo!

✔️ High performance, mobile friendly
Asset uses GPU for scratching, which provides high performance

✔️ Brushes support
Choose brush and scratch as you want! You can easily add your custom brushes

✔️ Detects the percentage of covering that remains

✔️ Really easy to set up
Drag and drop prefab, adjust the parameters and there you go!

✔️ Two modes: Erase and Restore
You can scratch your surface or restore it using brush!

✔️ Supports multiply components
Works with MeshRenderer, SpriteRenderer, UI Image

✔️ Works with 2D and 3D
No matter – perspective camera or orthographic, it will work equally well

✔️ Supports images with transparent areas

✔️ Supports work with multiple scratch cards at the same time

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