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SCI-FI UI pack 1.0

Download SCI-FI UI pack 1.0 free unity

1. This is an original blue sci-fi UI package.
It contains a variety of UI basic elements, and most elements have a variety of style design, so you can combine different elements and apply them to your work.
It can be applied to sci-fi style game or VR projects, and suitable for PC and Mobile.

2. The canvas prefabs were ready in unity 3d, So you can easy to use them! Sliced sprites were ready, So you can change size and colour easily in unity 3d.

3.The UI is based on 1920px*1080px design draft. The UI elements are high-definition enough for you to zoom in and out at will.

4.The UI contains many custom elements such as:
sci-fi background, loading page, login page, button, sci-fi button,panel, check box, switch,radio,direction key,text box,title bar, tool box,player controls,pause panel,exit panel,map,288 icons,etc.