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SCI-FI UI Pack Pro

SCI-FI UI Pack Pro is a sci-fi ui toolkit, contains 3 major theme assets:Sci-Fi UI Components,Sci-Fi Demo Scene(Blue theme),Sci-Fi Demo Scene(Cyan theme).

1.Each element is carefully designed and can be applied to any sci-fi game, VR or AR project.If you are looking for a sci-fi style UI, this will be a good choice.

2.Prefabs for individual elements were ready ,so you can easy to use them! Sliced sprites were ready,so you can change size and color easily in unity 3d.

3.Each element is separate, so you can use your own icon, text, etc.

4.Diversified sci-fi elements give you more choices. White elements let you customize your UI at will.

5.Support open GL, PC and Mobile.

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