Sci Fi Top Down Game Template

Download Sci-Fi Top-Down Game Template FREE Unity

* New Survival Mode
* Friendly AI (simple follow and substitute place).
* fast Reload for weapons (timed event)
* multiple bug fix and update to 2017.2
* straightforward character prefab creation
* Arm IK: Weapon grip upgraded

Sci-Fi Top-Down Game Template also contains

* native Multiplayer
* ex gratia Split Screen.
* NEW Blood VFX splat.
* Ragdoll Death
* Beam Weapons

* else Automatic Turrets.
* NEW Tower Defense AI.
* NEW Tower Defense Demo Scene.
* Team sign up bullets (Friendly Fire).

* Else scrimmage weapons for player and enemies.
* Enemy & player creator tools. straightforward to make a player or Associate in Nursing enemy victimization another prefab as a reference.
* straightforward aiming weapon IK to purpose the weapon specifically to the target.
* continuously aiming switch. To use it in twin-stick shooters wherever you wish to be ready to shoot any time.
* Root motion and NO root motion operating higher.
* Weapon list currently editable in Associate in Nursing scriptable object-
* Weapons currently will shoot multiple bullets during an excellent arch distribution

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  1. MG

    Could you update to v 2.0 ?

    1. untiyassets4free

      We will update you soon if we update it…

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