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Sci-Fi Soldier HUD – Synty INTERFACE – GUI

After popular demand, INTERFACE HUD packs make a triumphant return! So strap on your tactical helmet, grab your wildly inaccurate laser blaster and prepare for the future of combat technology with the INTERFACE – Sci-Fi Soldier HUD.

Futuristic weapon crosshairs, shield and impact effects, action bars, compasses and minimaps, weapon wheels and HP bars – we’ve included an extensive library of components to streamline the creation of your game HUD. Every component has been built to be as customisable as possible, whether your game is a sci-fi shooter, a survival game on a harsh alien world or an action-packed future RPG.

Quickly build out your game HUD with dozens of pre-built HUD elements assembled from the latest technology. Action bars, minimaps, compasses, weapon wheels, HP bars, damage FX, crosshairs – we’ve added everything we could think of to help you quickly assemble a quality-looking, responsive HUD. Each component can be visually customized to suit your game’s needs, whether you’re making an ultra-minimal futuristic shooter game or an incredibly advanced space ARPG.

◼ Key Features ◼

Over 1000 sprites and icons assembled into over 150 prefabs (with animations!). Easily piece together a unique UI with customisable components.
Seamlessly blend your game’s UI with gameplay by using the 600+ icons included. Icons of props and weapons are rendered from items and weapons found in: POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space, POLYGON – Sci-Fi Worlds, POLYGON – Sci-Fi Cyber City and POLYGON – Sci-fi City
Customisable visual variants for components allows your to add your own style to your game’s HUD. You can create hundreds of variations to fit your specific game’s needs.
Comprehensive range of input icons for multiple controller types easily lets you support PC, Xbox, PS, and Switch!
Artistically blends with existing Synty asset packs. We’ve designed the UI to match Synty’s POLYGON style. Your game will look sleek and professionally made with a UI that matches your games 3D aesthetic.
Text and numeric buttons can be tinted, localised and customised
*The UI elements contained in this pack are 2D and intended to work with Unity’s UGUI and 2D systems. No 3D models are included.