Sci-Fi Effects

Download Sci-Fi Effects Free Unity

UNIVERSAL Render Pipeline update is out!

What’s new in version 2.1:

– Asset is now Unity 2019.4+ compatible
– All content has been updated to support Universal RP 7.3.1
– Amplify Shader Editor support for URP shaders

Sci-Fi Effects is a collection of 90+ ready to use weapon and effect prefabs including 66 bonus sounds, new modular turret constructor, aiming controller and a redesigned pool manager.

WebGL Demo

Mobile Android APK

Online Documentation

Complete feature list:

• Modular turret parts counting 22 components
• Turret Editor and Turret Constructor
• Turret Tracking Controller
• PoolManager
• 12 ready to use weapon effects
• 8 Explosion effects
• 8 Missile models with additional LOD
• Missile prediction controller
• Trail and exhaust effects
• Warp tunnel
• Warp jump
• Burnout effect
• Holographic effect
• Fading debris field
• Nebula clouds

What’s new in version 2.05b:

– Asset is now Unity 2017.4+ compatible
– Example scenes have been improved
– Shaders now support Amplify Shader Editor and PBR pipeline

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