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Sci-Fi Designer

* Features

1. Simple gathering.

2. Top-notch science fiction space transport.

3. An assortment of changes.

* Description

1) Ships can be made by a mix of different sorts.

2) All 28 work module. 9 sort wings/4 sort weapons (rocket, laser, Vulcan, rocket)/5 sort head (cockpit, ramble)/4 sort body/3 sort motor/3 sort tail wing

3) Mesh module normal 375(wing:80 ~ head: 900 (head is the cockpit, glass part incorporate) polycount.

4) PSD document included. (diffuse guide, ordinary guide) surface. 2048*2048/1024*1024, top-notch PSD (shading variety and decal layers).

5) Sci-Fi shooting and procedure game advancement.

6) Nozzle impact included.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, it would be ideal if you email us at Omega Creative

Price 30$ on Unity Asset Store:

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