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Sci-Fi Bullet Effect Pack

**Please Read**

This pack will be designed to work with the Light Weight Render Pipeline! In the Read Me file, I will include steps on how you can make this pack work with the standard or HDRP.

I made these sci-fi beams using the line particle effect in Unity 2019.2.0b1. I customized the line settings to meet my specifications and then made animations for each sequence for how the beam transitions. You can downgrade to the standard version of Unity as you will need to have Post-Processing installed for the bloom effect to show on the emission values.

You can adjust these bullet blasts to meet your project needs, including making them as lightsabers if you wanted to.

What is included in this pack:

6 bullet particle line effects, 6 hit blast effects, and 6 end of barrel effect prefabs.

12 materials for each effect.

1 capsule model.