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SC Post Effects Pack

Download SC Post Effects Pack FREE Unity. 

This package extends Unity’s post processing with 33 additional screen effects. Aiming to provide visual enhancers or feedback effects.

NOTE: Updating from 1.0.2 to 2.0.0+ requires all package files to be deleted before importing. This will also remove any effects from profiles!
NEW: Support for URP, currently a limited number of effects still need to be ported, see list.

⚙️ Post Processing Stack benefits
• Effects work in Scene View
• Changes made in Play-mode are saved
• Profile-based settings, easily create presets
• Blend effects through local or global volumes (example scene included)
• Cinemachine support
• Custom render ordering

✔️ Compatibility
This package is primarily developed for PC/Mac/Consoles. Mobile and web platforms are not supported.

Both Deferred and Forward rendering are supported, as well as partial support for the LWRP/URP. See the compatibility table.

VR has been tested with Single-Pass Stereo Rendering using an Oculus Rift. Some features are excluded: Full compatibility details

? Performance
Post effects always have a constant, resolution dependent, performance cost. No matter the scene complexity. Some effects may be more complex than others. Scripts and shaders have been developed with performance efficiency in mind.

? Included effects: