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Save Game Pro – Gold Update

☀️ +200 Supported sorts: Save Game professional supports over +200 sorts integral and you’ll add your own additional types manually or by exploitation Type Creator.
*️ the majority parts, like BoxCollider, Rigidbody, MeshRenderer, Camera, Transform.
*️ GameObject, the total GameObject are going to be saved, which means all parts as well as All Childs.
DISCLAIMER, The GameObject saving and loading feature is below serious development for as well as support to avoid wasting advanced objects and hierarchies, therefore till then, we tend to don’t advocate you to use GameObject saving and loading for saving advanced objects, solely straightforward objects. additionally, it’s a more robust observe to use information structures altogether situations.

*️ remodel with Hierarchy, which means the transforms are saved by their root parent and that they are going to be loaded like that.
*️ Primitives, like a whole number, String, Boolean, …
*️ Collections, the majority collections supported, like wordbook, List, LinkedList, Multi-Dimensional Arrays (there is not any limitation), Stack, Queue, HashSet, …
*️ information sorts, the majority information sorts like Vector3, Vector2, Vector4, Mesh, …

☀️ Full Examples: Complete set of Examples enclosed serving to you start easier and quicker. Also, every integration comes with its own examples.

*️ Cloud Saving
*️ Custom Path Saving
*️ Listing Saved Files
*️ Saving Collections
*️ Saving Custom information
*️ Saving Game Object
*️ Saving Runtime Generated Objects
*️ Saving straightforward information
*️ Saving Slots
*️ Saving Texture2D
*️ Saving remodel

☀️ General Settings: piece, Modify and Apply General operations on Save Game professional right within a panel and Install/Uninstall integrations simply by straightforward clicks.

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