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Save Game Pro – Gold Update

Download Save Game Pro Gold Update FREE Unity.

Save Game Pro is a complete, powerful and feature-rich save game resolution for Unity (Game Engine) that helps you to save everything like parts, Data Types, GameObjects as well as Custom information sorts at all over including internet & Cloud, native Storage, PlayerPrefs, Database.

Save Game professional has a sublime and Complete API for dominant saved information, as an example, by exploitation the API you’ll check if a piece of knowledge exists otherwise you can Retrieve the saved files list and show them to the user.

Works well with Unity 2017.x and better and additionally you’ll create it work with older Unity versions simply ignore the warning before mercantilism the package.

Tested on the below Unity versions:
– 2018.2, 2018.1, 2017.4, 2017.3, 2017.2, 2017.1, 5.6
But it works well with older and newer versions too, therefore simply contact us if you had any problems for mercantilism the package.

✔️ options ✔️

☀️ Elegant API
☀️ +200 Supported sorts
☀️ Full Examples
☀️ General Settings
☀️ PlayMaker Integration
☀️ Cross-Platform
☀️ internet & Cloud
☀️ Xbox Connected Storage Integration
☀️ base Integration
☀️ PlayFab Integration
☀️ PHP MySQL Integration
☀️ PHP MongoDB Integration
☀️ Node.js MySQL Integration
☀️ Node.js MongoDB Integration
☀️ Custom sorts (Type Creator)
☀️ Custom sort publishing
☀️ JSON and Binary publishing

Now allow us to describe every feature also.