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Sandbox Mega System: Island Free Unity

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SMS: Island is no doubt one of the best GTA style game pack and is the mobile-friendly and top-notch portable resource for fabricating a whole sandbox game, including a whole city, weapon framework, vehicle dealing with, traffic and person on foot frameworks, minimap, and so forth

For that reason incorporates all straightaway:

– Realistic FPS Mega Pack 2.0 Lite

– Sandbox Mega System Lite

– Pedestrians and Crowd System (PACS)

– 1-Click Car Creator (1CC)

– Fast Traffic System (FTS)

– 1-Click Weapon Creator (1CC)

– Lowpoly Character Pack

– Lowpoly Car Pack

– Lowpoly Buildings Pack

– Lowpoly Houses Pack

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  1. wondedtitan

    part 1 is missing .
    Server 1 Part 1 – contain part 2
    Server 1 Part 2 – contain part avtar mega pack
    Server 1 Part 3 – contain part 3

    1. mdazhar007

      Sorry! now it is fine… Thanks!

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