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The SALSA LipSync v2 suite has been fully re-written to produce additional flexibility, a way higher degree of perceived accuracy, and additional advanced animation technologies for your character models. combine and match blendshapes, transforms, sprites, textures, etc. to form unlimited viseme and represent expressions. Expression elements will currently be reused among and across modules while not conflict. The Suite includes 3 product modules to modify 2D/3D lipsync, eye/head movement, and represent expression projects:

SALSA LipSync Suite
Simple machine-driven lip-synch Approximation provides prime quality, language-agnostic, lip-sync approximation for your 2nd and 3D characters. Audio dialogue files are processed in the period of time with our new look-ahead technology to reduce/eliminate temporal arrangement lag. Audio process works equally well with 2nd or 3D audio configurations. you may get wonderful results while not labour-intensive speech sounds mapping or baking.

The represent organization engine works alone or along-side condiment and Eyes to drive random, emphasis-timed, repeating, or manual expression animations. Link with condiment to feature stress emotes with audio-based temporal arrangement. Emotes are laid-off with priority over alternative expressions and seamlessly mix in and out victimisation our new QueueProcessing technology to manage animation and preponderant priority.

SALSA LipSync Suite module focuses on eye, eyelid, and head animation and following. permit your character model to indiscriminately go searching or put together her to specialise in a target object with advanced micro-movements to eliminate static, robot-stare. take hold over vertical and horizontal saccade movements for additional realism. And, if your model supports it, change the new lid following choice for the final word animation signification.

Custom part inspectors change code-free configuration choices, whereas our easy API provides under-the-table accessibility from any Unity supported scripting language.

Supports the most recent STABLE releases of Unity (v5.6.0+).
NOTE: Some addons/integrations could need newer Unity versions.
Tested on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform. WebGL lipsync is simply supported once combined with our Amplitude quality.