RV Honor Ai

Download RV Honor Ai FREE Unity. 
HonorAI is the ultimate high-performance and flexible AI solution that allows you to extend provided behaviours, no coding required. Add lively characters to your game with just a few clicks!

HonorAI is a utility-based solution for the easy creation of various AI agents like monsters, animals, followers, villagers, hunters, etc, with just a few clicks!

No matter how experienced you are, you will find HonorAI helpful:

less-experienced developers will appreciate quick and easy AI setup with just a few clicks, while more advanced users can enjoy well-written modular codebase, flexibility, and extensibility of the whole system.

What makes Honor AI special is that AI logic isn’t hardcoded, but rather designed in AI graphs that can be freely modified to your needs.

Thanks to such a solution Honor AI is the only AI solution on the Asset Store that solves the age-old problem of having to choose between a ready-made product that is inflexible or a low-level framework that doesn’t provide game-ready features, as it provides benefits of both, without any compromises!

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