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Runtime Transform Handles

Runtime Transform Handles are the runtime 3D controls that are used to manipulate items in the scene. There are three built-in transform tools to position, rotate and scale object via transform component. Supplementary controls such as scene gizmo, selection gizmo and grid allows to change viewing angle and projection mode, identify selected objects and orientate in scene space. Another important components: selection component, scene component and handles component allows to select objects, navigate in scene and change transform handles appearance.

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This is lite version of Runtime Editor

♥ Positon handle,
♥ Rotation handle;
♥ Scale handle;
♥ Grid;
♥ Box Selection;
♥ Selection gizmo;
♥ Align to Grid & Vertex snapping;
♥ Scene navigation;
♥ Global & Local coordinates;
♥ Undo & Redo;
♥ Touch support;
♥ Multi-camera support;

Demo Scene: RTHandles.unity

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