Runtime Level Design

Runtime Level Design Free download

Supported render pipelines:
-URP – ⚠ Note: ⚠ the scene gizmo is not available when using URP;

What is RLD?
RLD is a suite of well crafted level design tools that will enable you to build runtime level editors, modding tools, or any type of application/game that contains level design elements.

Note: This plugin serves as a kickstarter project and API for developers who want to build their own in-game level editors. It can not be used to build levels inside the Unity Editor. If you are looking for a level design plugin that works inside the Unity Editor, you can take a look at Octave3D-Level Design.

RLD works great with Runtime Spawner.

🎥 Presentation (Dungeon, Nature & Spherical World)

Learn to build a dungeon environment:
🎥 Let’s Build a Dungeon!

Feature/UI tutorials:
🎥 Plugin Initialization
🎥 Scene & Asset Preparation
🎥 Prefab Libs & Runtime Prefab Picker
🎥 Object-to-Object Snap
🎥 Object Extrude Gizmo (Super Handy!)
🎥 Surface Snapping (Intro)
🎥 Surface Snapping (Spherical Surfaces)
🎥 Surface Snapping (Per Layer Settings)

More videos can be found here.

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