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Rukhanka – ECS Animation System

Rukhanka is a ECS Animation System that uses standard Unity animation editing tools (i.e. ‘Mecanim’) as authoring workflow.

Rukhanka depends on the ‘Entities’ package. It prepares animation data for rendering with the ‘Entities Graphics’ package. These two packages are required for the functioning of Rukhanka.

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Rukhanka is an ECS animation system that mimics the standard ‘Mecanim’ animation system of Unity. Use familiar tools for authoring animations and animation state machines without any difference from the ‘Monobehaviour’ world. During the baking phase, it converts all required Animator, Animation, Skinned Mesh Renderer, and Avatar Mask data into its internal structures. All converted data is ‘Burst’ compatible and processed in a parallel and very performant way.

Rukhanka has the following main features:

Unity Animator Controller conversion and processing
Generic and Humanoid animations and avatars
Animation data preparation for Entities Graphics skinned meshes
Bone visualization system
Extended logging and validation layer
Arbitrary (non-skinned meshes) object hierarchy animation
Avatar masks
Root motion
All 2D blend tree types support (Direct, 1D, 2D Simple Directional, 2D Freeform Directional, 2D Freeform Cartesian)
Client-server animations synchronization with ‘Unity Netcode for Entites’ package.
Works with Unity.Physics
The package contains samples for HDRP and URP.

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