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RTS Battle Kit

The RTS Battle Kit is a complete, real-time battle kit. Set up cool battles and let players deploy, select and move several different units in real time. Automatically spawned AI enemies will battle your troops and try to destroy your castles. Deploy troops like giants, archers and knights to stop and defeat them!


– Unarmed knight character
– Armed knight character
– Viking character
– Giant character
– Archer character
– Wizard + skeleton
– Robot
– Goblin
– Enemy archers
– Knight with shield
– Cavalry
– Goblin cavalry

All characters have Idle, Run and Attack animations.
+ 3D modular castle model, catapult model and multiplayer battle ground.

Smart characters using navmesh,
Every character has it’s own damage, health and minimal attack distance. This way you can make very strong, big creatures that only attack the castle and small, weak characters that attack everything on their way as well.
Characters look for the nearest enemy and attack it. Otherwise, if the enemy is out of range, they will attack the castle.

Deploying troops,
Using UI buttons, you can select a unit and deploy it in the battle arena. If you don’t have enough gold to deploy the unit, there’s a warning. You receive gold every 5 seconds and by killing enemies as well.

Unit selection & movement,
Click and drag with your mouse to create a rectangle and select troops in the arena. By clicking right mouse button, you can move the selected troops around.

Enemy wave spawning,
A wave spawner is included to spawn the enemies. You can control waves in enemy size and duration, and increase the enemy count after every wave.

UI panels,
The kit includes game UI, like castle strength, surrender button and unit selection scrollrect. It also includes some basic ‘Start’, ‘Victory’ and ‘Fail’ panels.

– pdf documentation
– Camera movement script
– Fully working game scene included