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RT Voice PRO for those who want to make a game for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties Or want your players to not have to read too much.

Hearing is understanding!

NEW: SSML support for WSA (UWP) and eSpeak support for Linux (and all standalone platforms)!


WebGL | Windows | Mac | Android
Did you ever want to make a game for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties? Or want your players to not have to read too much? Or would you listen to just the dialogues in your game without consulting a voice-actor in early stages of development? Then RT-Voice is your time-saving solution to do so! RT-Voice uses TTS-voices already integrated in your system to pronounce any written text at runtime. All of this happens without intermediate steps: the transformation effects instantaneously – and, if needed, simultaneously!
RT Voice PRO Features
Convert text to voice
• Instant conversion from text to speech –
generated during runtime!
• Side effect: the continuous audio
generation saves a lot of memory!
• No need for voice actors during the
the testing phase of your game!
• Filter voices by nameculture and/or   gender
• Several voices at once are possible (e.g.
for scenes in a public place, where many
people are talking at the same time)
• Fine-tuning for your voices with speed,
pitch and volume!
• Support for SSML and emotional!
• Current wordvisemes and phonemes on
Windows and iOS – including marker!
• Generated audio can be stored in files
reusable within Unity!
• 1-infinite synchronized speakers for a
single AudioSource!
• Simple sequence and dialogue system
• No performance drops!

Documentation & control
• Test voices within the editor!
• Powerful API for maximum control!
• Detailed demo scenes!
• Comprehensive documentation and
• Full C# source code!

RT Voice PRO Compatibility
• Supports all build platforms
• Compatible with MaryTTS and eSpeak!
• Works with WindowsMac and Linux
• Compatible with Unity 5.3 – Unity 2018
• Supports AR and VR!
• Works with Online Check
• PlayMaker actions!
“RT-Voice” works great with:
• SALSA With RandomEyes
• Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes (LDC)
• Dialogue System for Unity
• THE Dialogue Engine
• Playmaker
• Adventure Creator
• LipSync
• Cinema Director
• uSequencer
• Quest System Pro
• NPC Chat
Information about this edition:
This is the PRO edition (full source code) of the asset. If you only need the DLL-version, consider buying the Standard edition.
Refund policy:
We don’t refund the PRO-version, since it contains all the source code and we can’t be sure that our customers are fair and delete the whole package incl. code.

Asset Store Link – https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/audio/rt-voice-pro-41068

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