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RPG Map Editor

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Make an RPG map simple with just 3 catches: left and right mouse catch and move or control key.

RPG Map Editor in an auto title map editorial manager for RPG games or anything you need to make in the Editor or while playing your game. With crashes and minimap incorporated and all that you have to make a mind-boggling and brilliant RPG world simple and rapidly with no confusing apparatuses or choices.


– Directional Animator for character sheets with 1, 2, 4 and 8 headings (NEW v1.5.0)

– Basic AI Behaviors: Follower, NPC and Companion (NEW v1.5.0)

– Area Transitions

– Fog Of War layer (NEW v1.2.8)

– Multi-Layer Support (NEW v1.2.4)

– Full Html Documentation (NEW v1.2.3)

– Custom tile size (NEW v1.2.1)

– Multiple Tilesets (NEW v1.2.0)

– Air and Sea Vehicles (NEW v1.1)

– Fast Path Finding utilizing coroutines and diverse heuristics(NEW v1.07)

– RPG Maker VX Tileset Support