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RPG Editor: ORK Framework 3

Download RPG Editor: ORK Framework 3 Free Unity. 

Flexible and powerful framework to build your own RPG of any kind, without writing a single line of code.

ORK Framework 3 is the newest iteration of the long-time available and trusted RPG Editor.

A massive package filled with features to build any kind of RPG, 2D or 3D!

ORK has been available for Unity since 2010!


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I created ORK Framework to empower artists and developers who are struggling with creating complex systems, and show them that anyone can create an awesome RPG with a little bit of practice and guidance.

I truly believe that you can drastically transform your game development skills and become the artist that you know that you can be. No more stress, no more confusion, ORK Framework is a tool specifically designed to take the stress out of RPG development and give you the confidence you need to create any kind of RPG.

All you need!

ORK Framework 3 comes with everything you need to create your RPG, any way you want. 4 customizable battle systems (and battle grids), extremely flexible status system, formula editor, inventory system, factions, quests, crafting, dialogues and much, much more!

There’s extensive documentation and tutorials available to guide you, including several long-running series, starting a project from scratch, building it piece by piece.

See ORK 3 in action and download the 3D RPG Playground or 3D Action RPG Unity project.

Join ORK’s friendly community and get support in the support forum.

Documentation & Tutorials

ORK 3’s guide is filled with extensive documentation and tutorials.

Learn creating projects from scratch in long form tutorial series, e.g. setting up a status system or 3D RPG with turn based or active time battles.

Looking for action combat? Check out the 3D Action RPG series.

Go easy on those dimensions? Take a look at the 2D Grid Battle RPG series.

Status System

The highly flexible status system can be set up as simple or complex as you need it for your game.

Status values are used to set up your usual health, MP, experience, attack, strength and any other number-based value representing a status. Need 3 different health stats, one of them killing the combatant when depleted? ORK’s got your back! You can also set up barrier values to shield other status values from negative changes.

Status development can be handled in different ways, e.g. using a curve, formulas, purchased for experience/items/etc. or using custom systems via schematics.

Abilities define your attacks and skills – physical, magical, melee, ranged or passive (e.g. giving bonuses). Animate and extend your abilities using schematics, e.g. to capture enemies.

Other status system features:

status effects
status bonuses
status conditions

Battle Systems

ORK 3 includes 4 different battle systems:

Turn Based
Active Time
Real Time
Each system can be tweaked to your needs, you can even set up different variants of each system. You can even use multiple systems in one game, or change the system of a running battle on the fly!

Additionally, you can use battle grids in all battle systems.

There are also different ways to add battles to your game – placed battles, random battle areas, spawned enemies hunting the player or just a continous real time battle in the scene.