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RPG Cameras & Controllers

2 RPG camera and character controllers in 1 package: MMO and Action RPG. Feature-rich and easy to configure. High-quality, completely commented code. My asset reviews say it all.

If you are searching for the one RPG camera and character controller you need, you have come to the right place! This asset contains separate camera and controller scripts for both RPG flavors: MMO and Action RPG. They are greatly inspired by famous MMO and ARPG games and combine efficient code, great maintainability and ease of use. On top comes great love for detail and countless happy customers – my asset reviews should be proof enough.

I claim to be the best when it comes to RPG camera and character controllers in Unity’s Asset Store. And it seems like I am not the only one: This asset was picked by award-winning publisher Blink Studios as the favored RPG camera/controller asset for their RPGBuilder.

? Not hooked yet? Check out the following:

Getting Started video
Features video
Feature list (see below under “Technical details”)
RPGBuilder integration video
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