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This Unity Project Was Created With The Purpose Of Guiding Intermediate-Level Hobbyist Game Developers Towards Designing Their Own RPG Adventure Themed Game. Good Luck!


• Interact with NPC’s, Venture On Quests, Gain Rewards, And Level Up!

• Use Skill Points To Purchase Abilities Through Skill Tree

• Pause Menu Navigate Through Map, Quest Logs, Inventory, Skill Tree, And System(Options Settings)⠀

• Upgrade Items, Repair Broken Ones, Specialize Weapons, And Sell Some For Coins Or Buy Stronger Ones

• Grab Weapons, Try Mid-Air Attacks, Special Attack Releases, Ability Slot Attack, Shoot Enemies With Guns And Bows, Throw Weapons, And Other Advanced Combat Strategies


• Items Can Be Equipped, Removed, Dropped, Consumed, And Previewed