Rogue Agents

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Unity quality * Rogue Agents * complete game project in supply for Unity Engine

What’s included?

Game Modes
Team Deathmatch
Secure the world

Class alternatives
Select between five categories Medic, Recon, Engineer, serious and Assault.
Each category incorporates a distinctive ability to instrumentation and weapons.

The Medic incorporates a Vector SMG and might drop Medkits, whereas serious incorporates a Machine gun and might drop AmmoKits.

The Engineer is supplied with a piece and might set Trip Mines round the map to surprise the enemies with an explosion.

The Recon is supplied with a robust scoped marksman and might throw Smoke Grenades to cover in plain sight.
The Assault is supplied with an AK74 and might throw Frag Grenades to eliminate enemies in groups!

Character Customization
Customize your character to your feeling, every Season transfer in additional customization content to the table. Select between numbers of colours/tops/bottoms/face, to create your character look but you want! every weapon has five skins to settle on from. (Make certain you take away all the day skins & cosmetics before you publish the sport as these are proprietary.)

Emotes & Taunts
Rogue Agents offers an entire Taunt & act system what causes you to able to celebrate happening in your games.

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  1. Kalyan

    In which version this game done in it

    1. mdazhar007

      We test assets on the most stable version of Unity that is 2018.3.5f1, every single asset works like a charm. Hope you are liking our website, Keep sharing it will help us.

      1. Kalyan

        Ok thank you can you suggest any game in shooting for Android

        1. mdazhar007

          If you are talking about third person game template then go for invector shooter template, it has build the way that can be utilized both for Android and pc, also has numerous tutorials available on YouTube that will help you.

          Thanks for the query.

      2. Kalyan

        With no error in this version

  2. Example

    Interesting.. i will give it a try for 2019er version

    1. mdazhar007

      Yes! you should, You really are a great programmer, can get rid of some unknown glitch

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