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Rocky Hills Environment – Mega Pack

Rocky Hills Environment – Mega Pack is a 3D art package with simple and fast foliage shader solutions for artists. Includes third-party tools.

High-quality, semi-realistic 3D environment art package for games and 3D applications version 4.0. Little to no photo source material as most textures are made using Substance Designer or hand-painted. Assets are well optimized as 4k atlases make it light for GPU and memory while prefabs contain LOD levels.

Follow the development thread for more info and possible new resources/updates:

Development Thread


The main pipeline used is the Built-in Render Pipeline”.

By purchasing this pack, you will get a free upgrade to the (SRP: URP + HDRP) version: Rocky Hills Environment – Mega Pack (SRP)

The vegetation contains and works with the third-party tools Custom tree importer (CTI) which is compatible with Advanced Foliage Shader. The custom tree importer shaders provide realistic-looking wind and foliage with minimum performance impact so there is a good possibility of use on lower-end platforms.

(TFS – Toby foliage shader) is a new lightweight, fast and simple shader for vegetation made in the Amplify Shader editor. Works in URP and HDRP. *Read more in the “releases” tab.

Features and version updates:

• Features

• PBR materials and 4k texture atlases, light for GPU and memory

• Unique cliff meshes with 4 LOD levels

• Modular boulders with 4 LOD levels

• 1227 prefabs total (optimized meshes, merge prefabs, and more)

• Over 500 models

• A variety of ground tiles for summer, fall, and winter

• Unique wood texture tiles

• Unique 4k tree bark texture with roots

• 20 particles

• 17 Amplify shaders

• Editable amplify shaders: