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Rock Monster Pack PBR

Download Rock Monster Pack PBR Free Unity. 

Rock Monster PBR Pack is a giant 9-foot tall magical rock character. He features a custom made default texture along with a handful of other rock textures to choose from, as well as the ability to use a custom texture you may already have. Fully animated with realistic physics & featuring a bunch of particle effects to use or modify, this is one giant creature your game needs.

Bundles – Get more and save
⭐ Monster Bundle #1

Bonus Files – Free upgrade after purchase
⚡ Rock Monster – Bonus Files 1 – Concept Art
⚡ Rock Monster – Bonus Files 2 – Atavism files
⚡ Rock Monster – Bonus Files 3 – Unreal Project

Infinity PBR is the work of over a dozen artists each doing what they do best. I want to make the most versatile, highest quality assets for indie game devs, made the way I would want them to be for my own projects (actually, I do make them my own projects!). Each asset needs to be high quality, insanely customizable, and needs to feel real. Realistic animations and textures. There are some amazing assets on the store, and I believe that my packs are among the best.

⭐⭐ Within 14 days of purchase, if you decide my packs aren’t going to work for you, let me know. If I can’t fix it, I’ll get you a refund. Email me anytime: contact -at- infinitypbr -dot- com ⭐⭐

Demos, tutorials, and more can be found at my Youtube Channel

Customize your textures using the included Substance Painter source files. Change out materials, or make other modifications like adding dirt, or shifting colors, in minutes. Export the finished textures from Painter, ready be used in Unity. Make the textures look they way you want them for your project.

Exposed Blend Shapes allow for massive mesh morphing and customization. You can save settings in prefabs or script the shapes for in-game customization or randomization of your characters. Now you can spawn completely random enemies that all look different from each other.

Music has been composed specifically for the characters we produce. The tracks are separated into layers and set up for use with the Unity Audio Mixer. Use this to mix your own tracks, and create the perfect sound for your game levels, and export all your mixes with a single click into game-ready .wav files!

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