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Road Builder

Download Road Builder FREE Unity. 

Road Builder Lets you create non-linear roads easily by using a network of nodes. With easy to use buttons to extrude, join, insert nodes and create the mesh. Building new roads has never been so easy.

The options let you create one large mesh, or smaller meshes to help with culling. Drop to the ground, and whether to add collision or not. And you can control the intersection of the road, to set the height and width of the curb.

Road Builder package has all you need to create 7 different road types from normal (with and with-out pavement), grass, sandy, race track and even a rail track. And you can add more road textures/materials as you need. You don’t need any programming skills to create amazing looking roads.

Version 1.1: Supports Unity 5.5. Lets you change the width of the road per node.

Version 1.2: Lets you change the materials used on the road per node.

Version 1.3: You can now place the road nodes closer than before.

Version 1.4: Improved UV on crossroads and junctions. Added Rounded inner corners option to crossroads and junctions.

Version 1.5: Update the mesh generation to work with BakedLights.

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