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Rigidbody Pick-Up

Download Rigidbody Pick-Up FREE Unity. 

A powerful pick up script to pick up rigidbodies. Includes a ton of customization options for the game you want!

[Game Web Demo]
YouTube Demo
Help Documentation

Note: All systems are able to be toggled, so use what fits your game!
NEW: Place objects back to their original position and rotation.
! Customizable buttons
! Togglable holding, hold button or press once.
! Distances of how far you can pick up and hold
! Object opacity decreased if you’re holding the object.
! Switch object held direction based on player, a single axis, or completely free form.
! Our own crosshair system for you to use, right off the bat!
! Object zooming to allow the object held to be moved back and forth.
! Audio for the picking up objects, letting them go, and holding them. AUDIO INCLUDED!

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