Rifle Animset Pro

Download Rifle Animset Pro FREE Unity

This is an entire set of eighty-eight motion capture animations and a PlayMaker controller, to make a seamless, person perspective character with rifle movement for your game. you’ll be able to simply drag and drop Player and Enemies on your level and play, or use the animations to make your own controllers! TPP shooter and Sidescrolling platformer game examples included!

Uses MECANIM mechanical man animations, however, it will be born-again to Generic or gift.

It consists of eighty-eight animations, from that you’ll be able to create game mechanics for:

– Walking
– Running
– Shooting
– obtaining hit and dying
– bomb-throwing
– Aiming with Additive animations
– scrimmage attacks
– Sprinting
– Jumping
– and more

The package includes Mecanim animation graph and a PlayMaker controller graph for each TPP shooter and sidescrolling platformer.
To use the character controller you need to have PlayMaker. If you don’t have PlayMaker, you’ll be able to simply use the animations and example Mecanim graph to form your own controller.

Please import this package to a brand new Project with contemporary Playmaker put in and check HowToInstall.txt for additional directions.
If you don’t use Playmaker, you’ll be able to skip importation Playmaker content or delete it later.

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