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Rich FX – HDRP Post Processing

Rich FX provides you with 40 different full screen post processing effects to use in your HDRP projects. Just add the effects to your project, then use them in Volumes just like any other post processing effect! Rich FX offers variety of effects including artistic effects, blurs, edge detection, screen distortions, color effects and many more. The HLSL code is optimized and efficient, so you will not have any performance problems using the effects in your scenes. Rich FX includes a demo scene to browse all the effects, as well as example volumes to use in your scenes right away!

Demo Video | Docs

Artistic Effects:- Oil (Kuwahara)

– Pencil Sketch

– Posterize

– Rainbow Flow

– Sketch Motion


Blur Effects:- Directional Blur

– Simple Gaussian Blur

– Gaussian Blur

– Radial Blur


Color Effects:- CGA Filters

– EGA Filter

– Eight Color

– Grayscale

– Hue, Saturation, Invert

– Overlay

– Recolor


Edge Effects:- Simple Outline

– Edge Glow

– Edge Detection


Screen Distortion Effects:- Chroma Lines

– Displace View

– Distort