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Retro Space Rail Shooter

Download Retro Space Rail Shooter FREE Unity. 

A game template inspired by classic games of the 16-bit era. This template provides nearly everything you need to start building a 3D on-rails shooter in a retro style, including code, music, sound effects, models, prefabs, HUD, menu and gameplay scenes, retro-style shaders, and more!

This project is designed for Unity developers of all skill levels. Extensive, well-written documentation will help everyone from rookie coders to expert developers to understand and work with the code, components, and assets.

Not a coder? No problem! Flexible, highly reusable components allow you to quickly build enemies, NPCs, levels, new weapons, and more without needing to write any code.


+ Single-player on-rails shooter gameplay. Steer your ship to aim; shoot down enemies while avoiding obstacles and enemy fire.
+ Scoring system
+ Player inventory / power-ups system
+ Laser cannon and homing missile weapons
+ Player lives and respawning
+ Several types of AI and movement patterns for enemy / NPC ships
+ Retro flat-shaded player spacecraft model with two variants
+ 5 retro flat-shaded enemy spacecraft models, plus 1 retro flat-shaded enemy carrier model
+ Functional enemy prefabs for each enemy model
+ One complete level demonstrating all gameplay features, plus several scenes demonstrating specific concepts and gameplay features
+ Menu Main scene
+ Settings scene
+ Two music tracks and dozens of retro-style sound effects
+ Graphical presets to create a more authentic retro look. Quickly set your resolution and framerate to emulate 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, or high-def platforms
+ A custom retro shader that gives your models an authentic 16-bit look, with flat-shading and checkered shading inspired by the Super FX chip*

This project also includes my core library, which contains highly reusable code and systems that can be utilized in just about any project! The core library includes:
+ Object pooling system
+ Many components for simple movements and animations
+ Volume and event triggers
+ Health and damage system
+ A “DrawConnections” system for visualizing script links (such as references and events) between GameObjects in the scene view
+ Many other utility components that can simplify your life when building a game!