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Retro Horror Template

Retro Horror Template is the most complete framework for Unity to simplify the design and creation of horror games using classic mechanics from the PSX/N64 era.

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Fixed camera system
Pre-Rendered backgrounds support
Save/Load system
Mapping system & editor
Global storage box & local containers
Tank & Alternate player movement
Look at points of interest
Classic door transition system
Extendable door locks
Cross-scene doors
Interactable objects
Inventory System
Item examination
Extendable Inventory Combinations
Document Reading
Points of Interest & Interactions with multiple choice
Surface detection with dynamic footsteps VFX/SFX
Actor State System
Object Push mechanic
Combat System for ranged & melee attacks
Auto aiming with target toggle
Vertical aiming
Weapon reload
Status Monitor
Keyboard/Gamepad support
Low-health animations & movement reduction
Gun, Shotgun, Assault-Rifle and Knife weapons included
Simple cinematic player
Ladder climbing
Obstacle climbing
Enemy grabs & finishers
Music handling system
Attack Combos