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Relief Terrain Pack

Download Relief Terrain Pack FREE Unity. 

Feel relief watching RTP3 in action:

Forum & demos | Documentation PDF | Showcase video | Tutorial video

– AAA look of terrain at great framerates
– 8 POM textures with self-shadowing in 1 pass
– Hard, well-defined blending between detail maps
– Physically-based shading (Unity PBR model)
– Unity5.3 ready
– Tessellation (DX11, openGL4)
– Advanced dynamic snow (with glitter)
– Triplanar with PM shading
– Global color/normal maps
– Terrain holes system
– Advanced dynamic water features
– Emission masks (dry surfaces & fluid – lava)
– Caustics
– And more…

Editor features:
– Built-in geometry blend toolset for seamless merge terrain with your geometry
– Built-in splat composition tools
– Realtime LOD & feature set adjustment
– Can be used on both terrain and arbitrary mesh

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