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RealToon (Pro Anime/Toon Shader)

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RealToon v5.0.5
(Unity Built-In RP/Standard and LWRP/URP Support)

An AAA Anime/Toon Shader to make your characters & objects to look as close to real Anime/Cartoon.

Anime/Toon/Cel shading shader.
(For Games, Film/Animations & Illustrations/Arts)

– (PC,Mac & Linux), Mobile & V.G Console (Nin.Switch).
– It is Fully Multi-Lighting.
– Use it with or without Real-Time Shadow.


– Smooth Object Normal:
*Smooth object normal for better or clean shading.

– Self Shadow:
*(Adjust size/threshold and hardness without using any texture map.)

– Normal Map:
*(For more details or override object’s normal.)

– FReflection:
*(Use images/textures as reflection.)
*(Can also adjust the size and position.)
*(This is not a matcap style reflection or cubemap.)

– Outline:
*(Can change the Color and Width.)
*(With noise/distort outline for sketch style outline and dynamic.)
*(You can choose to use outline or without outline “for less drawcalls”.)

– Gloss (Texture) (Custom Gloss):
*(Use images/textures as gloss.)
*(Can choose to follow light position & object rotation.)

– ShadowT (Texture):
*(Gradient or Flat based shadow/shade.)

– RealToon Refraction:
*Anime/cartoon style glass, ice, liquid, etc.

– Reduce Shadow:
*Reduce real-time shadow of an object – material without affecting other parts of an object.

– Fade Transparency with outline and transparent affects shadow.

– Vertex color support for Outline, Self Shadow & Smooth Object Normal features.

– Includes RealToon (Lite Version) shaders for mobile or lite type games.

– Includes RealToon (Tessellation Version) shaders.

– Includes RealToon (LWRP Version)
(Unity 2018 to latest unity version with LWRP V4.0.0 or latest.)

– Includes RealToon (URP Version)
(Unity 2019.3.0 to latest unity version with URP 7.1.1 or latest.)

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