Realistic FPS Prefab

Realistic FPS Prefab can be the most amazing unitypackage for your game, it has every interesting prefabs to start with making your game more realistic

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Asset Store Link –!/content/7739

Realistic FPS Prefab unitypackage Server 1Download
Realistic FPS Prefab unitypackage Server 2Download
Realistic FPS Prefab unitypackage Server 3Download

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  1. A person

    It dosent work when imported pls update link 🙁

    1. mdazhar007

      Hey mate! it is a unity package due to some issue you might have downloaded zip file, please consider downloading again, it will work.

    2. mdazhar007

      Link is cool, you gotta need to download unity package, see the extension of the file you downloaded.

      If it is now rar, zip or unitypackage then it’s not the actual file. So please consider downloading again. Once file upload server gonna start working then everything gonna work fine.

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