Realistic Car Controller

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[V3.3 Update Released]
Please browse unleash notes.

[Leading Features]
* Compatible with Unity 2017, Unity 2018, and Unity 2019. Submitted for every version severally.

* 10 organized and attractive vehicle prefabs able to use,

* +10 Demo Scenes for Presenting Regular Gameplay, Mobile scenes, Photon, Enter/Exit scenes, and more…

* gauge boson PUN a pair of realtime multiplayer support,

* Complete UI dashboard with mobile controllers,

* Xbox controller support,

* Ability to use plugin with terribly big selection. are often used on a toy automotive, or maybe truck with trailer,

* Animated driver with vehicle, and Skyline models by 3DMaesen,

* User friendly editor scripts,

* Optimized mesh deformations on collisions,

* Variable ground physics,

* simple to use, and extremely customizable,

* And more…

Creating your own realistic vehicle has ne’er been really easy. totally useful vehicle making simply takes regarding ten minutes only! One-click to set up, switch controllers, switch behaviours, customizations… simple to use and extremely customizable. Comes with ten pre-configured vehicle behaviors. Tested on laptop, Mac, automaton and iOS platforms.

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    1. mdazhar007

      You are most welcome…

  2. racer

    hi ,
    can u add version 3.42 ?
    and can u guys add smart tuning system V2 ?

    thank u so much .

    1. Unityassets4free

      we will let you know 🙂

  3. Michael

    I can’t find the download button

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      Go to the second page of the post. You will find it.

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