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Realistic Car Controller Pro

Completely Modular
Each system can be customizable individually. You can add or remove any component.

Output Event Based Power Distribution
You can distribute the produced power from the engine to the any component with events. For ex, you can connect your engine to the differential without clutch and gearbox.

Editor Scripts
Each modular system is managed by their editor scripts. They will check everything related to the system and warns you if they finds something wrong. Project has over +40 editor scripts to make it easier, more detailed, and more customizable.

One Click Vehicle Setup
Creating and connecting all necessary drivetrain components is one click away. All you have to do would be selecting the wheel models, that’s it.

Simplified methods in the RCCP.cs are useful to spawn new vehicles, register player vehicles, change behaviors, change controllers, and even more with only one line of code.

Detailed Documentations
Includes +65 PDF documentations that covers everything from the scratch. Don’t miss the common mistakes section.


[Important, Please Read Before Purchase]

This package is unique and has no any connection to the Realistic Car Controller. RCC Pro and RCC are individual two projects. Updating RCC projects to the RCC Pro is not recommended due to massive differences in the framework. Previous vehicles built by RCC won’t run with the Pro version. And vehicles built by RCC Pro won’t run with RCC. Both projects have their own framework and can’t be integrated to each other. RCC Pro has almost same features as RCC, but ported almost everything from the scratch.



Package is %100 compatible with URP. All materials needs to be converted. You can select all demo materials once from the toolbar menu, and convert them to URP shaders. Lens flares won’t work with URP. Upgrading the project to URP, won’t break anything.


Package is not %100 compatible with HDRP. All materials needs to be converted, but lens flares and emissions won’t work with HDRP at the moment. Upgrading the project to HDRP, won’t break anything.

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