Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator

Download Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator FREE Unity. 

Welcome to Real Ivy 2 the procedural Ivy and climbing plants generator for Unity that allows you to create stunning realistic climbing vegetation!

Real Ivy generates Ivy and climbing plants using the colliders in your scene as a base on which to grow, climb and adapt, and can be used to create amazing growth animations at runtime.

You can create your plants either at design time, run time, or a combination of both in which you pre-bake your ivy in editor, and then grow it over time in your game.

Key Features
– Ivy Painting system
– Procedural growth system
– High quality presets system
– Design time and Runtime support
– Normal mapping, reflections, PBR support
– Customizable leaves and branch shapes
– Place by clicking in the scene view
– Customizable growth path
– Lightmapping support
– Optimized meshes
– Friendly UI

Major Changes for V2
– 100% Redesigned UI and UX
– Improved presets system
– New runtime baked ivies
– High quality presets included
– Custom animated shaders included [built-in / URP / HDRP]
– Nine tools for manual refining
– Prefab based leaves
– Multiple leaves types support
– Atlassed leaves support
– More optimized vine geometry
– 32 bit mesh buffer support (no vertices limit)
– Optimized memory usage at runtime.

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