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Real Car 8

Package Contains a Car with fully textured interior and open-able doors, Bonnet etc. Ready to use in Your game. This model has 3 LODs so it can be used for PC and mobile projects.
Perfect for Third Person Games or any other Car Destruction Games.

LOD Details:

Model has 3 LOD’s:

-LOD0: 55606 tris
-LOD1: 33608 tris
-LOD2: 11257 tris

– Materials using PBR Unity Standard shader. Albedo, metallic, smoothness, normal and occlusion textures included.
– Car only using one single Atlas PBR Texture.
– Car using Three Materials Body,Glass,Mirror.
– Emissive texture for lights included.
– Model is properly scaled and aligned along Z-axis.
– Fully textured Interior.
– Separated four wheels,
– Separated steering wheel and dashboard pointers. Ready to animate.
– Separated glasses.
– Separated doors. Ready to animate.
– Separated Front, Back and Upper Guards.
– Separated Back Wheel.
– Separated Bonnet.