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RBCC – Rigidbody Character Controller

What is it?

RBCC is a dynamic physics-based character controller. The character is controlled by applying forces to it, allowing it to react naturally with the environment. You can push other rigidbodies as well as be propelled by them.


Who is it for?

Designers or programmers can use this asset, just adjust the controller values to your liking. Several movement modes are available like walking, running, jumping etc.
However, to take full advantage of all the features of RBCC, it is advisable to have a correct level of programming in order to implement your own movement modes.
A documentation is provided to guide you step by step when using RBCC.


How to use it ?

To try it, you can simply drag and drop the prefab provided with the asset. 3rd and 1st person camera prefabs are also available.
The controller relies on a main script, which requires a rigidbody on your gameobject. This script, PlayerStateController, gives you multiple customization options for each movement mode (walking speed, jump height etc.).



– Walking
– Running
– Crouching
– Sliding
– Jumping
– Jumping on walls
– Moving platforms : native support (without requiring any scripts)
– Custom gravity : support abitrary directions and values
– Animations ready : examples with Mixamo, and easy support to add your own animations
– & More!


Advanced features

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